Hearing Aid Accessories

There are several Hearing Aid accessory options available for you to consider when making your hearing aid purchase. The accessories available on the market today are designed to assist you even further in the various environments that you are having trouble.

Television Accessory

Most hearing aid companies have developed TV systems that can wirelessly route the sound from the television directly to a hearing aid user’s devices. The routing of the signal is sometimes accomplished through some sort of intermediary device that worn by the patient or placed near the patient. This wireless TV system ensures that the sound output from the TV is loud and clear, removing the negative effects of ambient noise, distance, and room reverberation.

Phone Accessory

In general, hearing loss makes talking on the phone very difficult given the listener does not have the benefit of observing non-verbal cues such as gestures and speech reading of the lips and face. The ability to hear a phone call with both ears can improve speech comprehension tremendously, and decrease overall frustration with not being able to comprehend what is being said. Many manufacturers have developed phone technology that use a special signal that streams audio to both hearing aids directly. Using these specialized phones, the user can hear with far less effort, while also reducing interference from ambient noise.

Mobile Phone Accessory

Many patients have become accustomed to Bluetooth connections whether it is from their cellphone streaming to another source such as in their car, or to a wireless headset. Many hearing aids now have this capability so the user can hear their phone calls and stream audio directly to their hearing aids. Similar to the benefits outlined above for phone accessory the ability to hear a phone call with both ears can improve speech comprehension tremendously, and decrease overall frustration. This is especially true for cellular phones that are used most often in public spaces and outdoors where ambient noise is higher. Face Timing and/or skyping loved ones has become more and more valued with the advent of newer tablet and mobile phone technology. Mobile phone accessories as well as direct-to iPhone and Android technologies can optimize FaceTime and Skype calls, given it can allow the listener to not only to hear the signal with both ears with the streamed audio, but also allow access to visual cues that will help with speech comprehension.