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IMPORTANT NOTICE: In response to the current Covid-19 virus situation, the independent audiology clinics listed on this website have a variety of operational policies put in place to maintain the health and safety of their patients and their employee. Please visit each clinic’s page or website for their specific hours of operation and any other details on how they are serving their patient base during this period.

The Lifestyle Hearing Network is a group of independent hearing clinics across Canada. All members are like-minded audiologists who are known as cornerstones in their communities because of the high-quality services they provide.

Our audiologists are passionate about what they do and truly care about supporting and helping you and the ones you love on your journey towards better hearing.

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  • Lifestyle Hearing Network
  • The Sussex Audiological Center for the Hearing Impaired
  • The-Hearing-Rehab-Centre
  • Southwest Hearing Clinic
  • Sackville Hearing Centre
  • Owen Sound Audiology Clinic
  • Northeast Hearing
  • New Life Hearing
  • Heritage Hearing Care
  • Hearing Freedom
  • Ethier Hearing Clinic
  • Centre de Sante Auditive Francisca Morneault
  • Calgary Audiology Clinic
  • Audiology Clinic of Northern Alberta
  • Allard Audiology
  • Alderly Hearing Cente
  • Sun Country Hearing
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